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Through the spirit of open collaboration and joint effort, OAGi is bringing the future forward, into today.

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Our Mission:
To solve the hardest problems in the Aerospace industry, together.

We're about to make history. OAGi is working with the best and the brightest industry leaders to catapult aerospace technology light-years forward.

Who We Are
AUGUST 27 2018

August 27, 2018 Meeting Agenda

  1. OAGi and the Aerospace Council
    a. Intro (Who’s present in attendance and Anti-Trust related stuff)
    b. A quick discussion of some OAGi news (what’s new and what’s coming)
    c. Why the need for the council and how it currently fits within OAGi
    d. Challenges we’d like the council to help face
    e. Standards, guidelines, best practices, tools, and other resources we think would benefit council members
    f. The importance of a self-directing council (choosing and driving their own agenda moving forward)
  2. Introductions – Personal intros around the room
    a. Name and how many years you’ve worked in Aerospace
    b. Title and what your title entails
    c. What projects you’re working on
    d. What duties and responsibilities you carry out throughout your work week
    e. A comment on what you’d like to see achieved by this council
  3. Proposed First Topics for Discussion
    a. What's planned for OAGIS 10.5
    b. What else is important to aerospace that we should consider for 10.5
    c. What’s planned for the SRT
    d. How would aerospace rank these SRT needs, including adding anything missing
    e. New techniques and tools for modeling and ontology
    f. Aerospace-specific scenarios (process documentation) within the OASIS standard
    g. Should the Aerospace Council propose an OAGi-wide Patterns & Practices Working Group?
  4. Path Forward
    a. Review what the group agreed to so far, including action items
    b. Next meeting date/time
    c. Next meeting agenda
    - i. Meeting frequency/timing
    - ii. Council leadership
    - iii. Council priorities

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During the 2018 launch of the Aerospace Council, membership is taking place under the existing OAGi Council Membership Rules and Regulations. If you are an existing OAGi Council Member, and are in the aerospace industry, you will be offered an invitation for one or more seats on the OAGi Aerospace Council. If you have not received an invitation and feel that your organization qualifies for a seat, please visit the OAGi Contact Us page.

Watch our video to learn more about our vision and purpose, check the pricing, or hear what others are saying about the OAGi Aerospace Council.

Helen Francis

“We've been looking to leverage new standards across our enterprise for years. But we needed a standard that can grow with us. OAGIS is that standard.”

Thomas Steele

“Bringing together all of these Aerospace industry experts to one knights-of-the-round table style council finally gives us the opportunity to learn from each other, rather than just competing.”

// integration architect
Maude Young

“Watching our own internal chaos begin to formalize itself around a standard, and the creation of governance groups within our organization, is proof that progress really can happen. It's just around the corner.”

// Aero program manager
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